Yogurt Instructions

Raw Milk Yogurt  

  1. Pour 1 gallon of raw milk into a pot.
  1. Gently, on low heat, warm the milk to 110º F. Stir often, checking with a thermometer.
  1. Add ¼ tsp. of freeze-dried yogurt culture and stir in well.
  1. Pour milk into jars, any size
  1. Place jars in a warm place for approximately 24 hours. Do not jostle the yogurt while it is incubating.
  1. Refrigerate the yogurt and enjoy!


Additional Notes:

  • Milk will continue to rise in temperature 1-2 degrees after removing from heat. Remember, nutrients and enzymes are destroyed by temperatures at or above 118º F.
  • Freeze-dried cultures can be ordered online from Dairy Connection. Our favorite culture is #ABY-2C. We get the most consistent results from a freeze-dried culture.
  • Plain, organic yogurt from the store can be used as a culture. Use approximately ¼ cup per gallon of milk.
  • There are many ways to incubate yogurt. Some of the methods include: crockpot, oven w/pilot light, or a yogurt maker; we like to use a cooler.
  • Be sure to test the method you choose with a thermometer first. To use a cooler, just wrap the jars in a towel and put them into the cooler. Leave it in a warm place for approximately 24 hours.

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