The Farmers

DanielDaniel is 57 years old and is the original “Dad” of “My Dad & Me Family Farm.” He and his wife Susan have been happily married for 35 years and work side by side in everything. Daniel does most of the milking morning and evening, seven days a week, and spends the rest of his time in the gardens.

He enjoys playing the guitar and banjo, tending the animals, and hashing out politics with other God-fearing, freedom-loving people.

SusanSusan is 55 years old and is a superb wife and mother. Some ask where she fits into the “My Dad & Me” farm name to which Daniel replies: When a man and a woman are married in the Lord, the two become one and so she and I are one and the same. We find it to be nothing but sheer joy!

Susan spends most of her time pouring up milk and cleaning milk totes twice a day while Daniel is milking. Between milking they work the gardens and she keeps up with emails, phone calls, and domestic draws; overseeing Anna, lending a hand when needed, baby-sitting her 4 grandsons & 4 granddaughters and excitedly looking forward to grand-babies number 9 and 10 very soon!

AnnaAnna is 24 years old and is the last of the five Hammond children remaining at home. She plans and cooks all of the meals and bakes for the farm as well. She keeps granola, cereal bars, & cashew date bars stocked in the farm store and is available to answer questions from friends and customers. She dearly loves her digital camera and her Mac computer, and with the two of them, produces some beautiful photos; many of which are displayed on our website and her Facebook.

DavidDavid is 33 years old and one of the “Me” in the farm name. He and his wife Tina have been married for over seven years. David is responsible for feeding all the hungry mouths on the farm:  giving the cows a fresh grass paddock each day, slopping the hogs, and moving chicken tractors. David also enjoys running the farm equipment so you might find him on the tractor or plowing the gardens.

David enjoys working wood with hand tools, building Windsor chairs, and turning on his lathe. When time permits, he does some hunting as well as playing a little bluegrass music.

TinaTina, David’s lovely bride, is 32 years old. See Susan’s entry about the farm name – David wouldn’t be much of a “Me” without his wonderful helpmeet! Tina loves the baby chicks, baby kittens, baby calves, well, anything baby animals! She helps David feed and water the animals when needed.  She also does a lot of the farm bookkeeping and enjoys taking care of the customers when they need help.

WilliaTina loves to take care of & play with her children, Willie & Ellie, play the piano, crochet in the shop while David works with wood, or concoct a new herbal mixture in the kitchen.

Willie, David and Tina’s little boy, is now 6 years old! His favorite pastime is being outside, especially with his papa on the tractor and 4-wheeler. He enjoys reading books, playing in the dirt, walking the cows to the barn for milking time, and playing with his little sister. His most important job is eating lots of farm-fresh food so he’ll grow up to be a big, strong farmer like his papa!

EllieEllie, David & Tina’s little girl, is 3 years old.  She already likes the farm animals and enjoys being outside on the farm! She was born right on the farm just like her brother, Willie. She loves her big brother especially playing with him outside.  She is a big help to her mama by already doing quite a bit of the dishes, laundry, and sweeping. Ellie is growing fast and loving life as a little farm girl, especially the baby kittens!

More Photos…

Jacob Jacob training Kayla

Countryside OrganicsWe are excited to announce that as of January 1, 2013, the cows at My Dad & Me are now 100% grass-fed! We are using New Country Organics feed exclusively for all of our grain-fed animals now (layer chickens & broiler chickens). As a dealer for New Country Organics, we also have organic animal feed available for purchase. Contact us and ask for a price list & availability.