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Georgia Co-op Details

Please read ALL of the details below. In order to expedite getting the information to you, we have tried to answer all of your questions up front. If you have further questions after reading, please send us an email!

Serving Our Customers
Since 2007

ssssssossWelcome to the My Dad and Me Family Farm Georgia Co-op!                          We started My Dad & Me Family Farm in 2007 with our first Jersey cow, Maggie, and have now grown to a herd of over 40 Jersey girls. We love producing 100% Grass Fed, Raw, A2 Jersey milk and are excited to share it with you!

Everyone in the family has an important role on the farm, with Willie and Ellie milking the cows, Heidi and Laura packaging eggs, Daniel and Susan bottling milk, Anna in the kitchen, and David managing pastures, animals and… everything else!

Our Delivery Coordinator, Michael Warrak, manages both of our co-ops (Birmingham and Georgia), and he, along with his family, works hard to coordinate getting our products to you! 

 Michael first comes to the farm, loads the coolers that we packed with your orders, then brings them straight to you, where he unloads and assists with distribution and takes your jar returns for next time.

We look forward to bringing you nourishing foods from our family to yours!

Membership Details

To become a Member (or to continue your current membership), My Dad & Me Family Farm requires a $35 annual membership fee. This will be paid with your FIRST order, OR with your first order of the month that your membership renewal is due.

Minimum Order

The minimum order is $35. You can order as frequently as you like.

Delivery Fee

A 15% Delivery Charge will be added to your farm order to cover the costs of delivery and co-op organization.

Order Details

We will send order reminders via email every Tuesday morning. You can simply click the link in that email to order online.

Orders are due on Tuesdays BY MIDNIGHT. We will process these orders early Wednesday morning and PAYMENTS will be due by MIDNIGHT on Wednesday. *THESE DAYS AND TIMES ARE FIRM CUTOFFS*

We do not want to have to tell you that your order cannot be added (due to late ordering) or was cancelled (due to non- or late-payment), so please submit your order before the cut-off day and time.

Payment Information

When you place an order and complete the checkout, your bank debit or credit card is authorized for the total amount due; however, the final amount is not actually charged to your card until the final total is actually calculated as your order is being fulfilled.

Our meat and cheese products are sold by weight and actual prices vary depending on the weight of the individual item. When you place an order, we will authorize your card for the largest package, and once the order is fulfilled you will be charged the actual amount of the item in your order. Your card will never be charged more than the authorized amount, and the final total will always be less than the amount that was authorized.

For example, if your order includes a $25 Boston Butt and the actual Boston Butt that is pulled to fill your order is only $20  then your card will be charged $20.


 UnWhen you order milk, you will need to order jars with your first two orders. That will give you two “sets” of jars to rotate through. These jars need to be brought back to us each pickup day.


If they are not clean, the milk will sour faster and wet jars will get musty-smelling. They must have your name written on them or we will not know whose jar it is. The lids must be on the jars so that they won’t get dusty inside during storage. If you have lost or broken a lid, you may purchase new lids at $1.50 each.

You MUST either have the jars at the farm when you place your order OR add new jars to your order.

Be sure your jars are always labeled with your first AND last name so that we know we have YOUR jars ready to fill for the next time. Unlabeled jars may not be able to be credited to your account!

Pick Up Information

Delivery day is SATURDAY of each week. (You’ll order on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, and that order will be delivered on the following Saturday.)


Pick Up Location (Drop Point)

Pick up / Drop point location is located in Marietta.


Time of Pick Up ~NEW TIME~

 The pick up time is promptly at 12 pm. The driver is usually there early and it is helpful if you arrive a little early as well to keep things running smoothly.


Group Texts

A group text will be sent each pick up day with reminders about pick up and any pertinent information about the delivery. Please be sure our delivery driver has your cell number (or name and number of your alternate pick up person)  BEFORE PICKUP DAY for the group text.



Michael Warrak is your delivery person. If you need to contact him on pickup day, please send a text message, or call him at 256-849-6906.



BRING A COOLER AND ICE PACKS TO CARRY YOUR ORDER WITH YOU! The milk is guaranteed fresh for one week from purchase, if transported in a cooler with ice packs! (Do not take our ice packs or coolers with you.)


Pick Up Time & Locations


4341 Dallas Highway
Marietta, GA 30064
(Parking lot of First Church of the Nazarene at 1pm)

Additional Policies

Please let us know if you have any questions or need more information!

We are so thankful for your continued support of My Dad & Me Family Farm, and we look forward to serving you with the Georgia Co-op!

Daniel, Susan & Anna; David, Willie, Ellie, Heidi & Laura



Cancellations may be made no later than Thursday at 12 midnight. After that deadline there will be no changes to your order or refund of payment.

Missed Pick Up

Your order must be picked up on pick-up day, or, if we have advance notice to a situation, it may be picked up the next business day at Melissa’s home, according to her schedule of availability. *After that, you will forfeit your order (with no refunds or replacements).*

Contact Information

Melissa Horton

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