Farm Practices

tractor-smWe receive many inquiries concerning our farming techniques so I decided to write out a comprehensive answer to this in depth question. If your question is “Are we certified organic?” then the answer is, no. If your question is “Do we believe in the system of healthy, sustainable, nutrient filled whole foods?” then the answer is, yes!

We are excited to announce that as of January 1, 2013 My Dad & Me is going 100% grass-fed with our cows. Their diet will consist of grass from our naturally grown pastures – no commercial pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers used! They will also receive dry hay and baleage (which is a fermented grass sealed in bales). While these hays are not certified organic they do produce a healthier cow and milk because these forages are a cow’s natural diet. My Dad & Me cows will receive no grain what-so-ever!

It is a proven fact that cows on grass produce milk that actually lowers cancer risk! This is why we’ve been working for years to wean our cows off grain completely, rather than find a source for organic grain. Our Jersey cows are rotationally grazed on our naturally grown, grass pastures for healthy, sustainable milk & dairy goodies. We use the manures from our chickens, rabbits, and cows to sustain our pastures with rich, healthy grass. We also take great pains to produce the cleanest milk possible– we don’t hide anything in our milk with pasteurization. Come by and try some of our yellow Jersey milk and its rich cream!

In contrast, commercial, certified organic cows live in a harsh industrial environment – don’t be deceived by the pretty pictures of green grass and free ranging cows. Most of these cows never see grass or roam freely through green pastures. It is true these cows eat an organically produced grain but this is the wrong diet for a ruminant. The cows are crowded into barns oftentimes on concrete and forced to produce far above what is natural. The milk which they produce is inferior, being derived from a diet of 20-30 lbs. of grain per animal per day. These huge quantities of grain destroy the health of the animals and make for a undesirable existence. Since the milk is slated for pasteurization and homogenization, cleanliness is not a priority.

My Dad & Me Family Farm is also proud to announce that as of January 1, 2013 our pastured layers and broilers will be served organic grains. It’s what’s for dinner! This organic chicken feed contains no Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs), and no Soy! The feed is also mixed with quality chelated, organic minerals and Thorvin Kelp (a great animal feed supplement – seaweed dried and bagged up containing sea salt and minerals that add to the quality of the eggs and meat). Our 300 Rhode Island Red laying hens and our broilers have been pastured since we started selling eggs and meat, but we have now found a source for Organic feed and the chickens are loving it. Try our pastured eggs and broilers from chickens that are truly on pasture, eating Organic grains and you will see & taste the difference!

My Dad & Me Family Farm is also proud to announce that as of January 1, 2013 our rabbit fryers will be raised with organic grains, along with the forages in their diet. The rabbit feed contains no GMO’s, no Soy, and no Corn!

veggies-smMy Dad & Me Family Farm also offers a variety of fruits and vegetables. We start many of our plants in our own green house but on some occasions, like many of you, we purchase plants in six packs or trays. How these plants are handled is not always known to us but, once we bring any seed or plant to the farm, it is grown naturally. We believe in and practice these sustainable systems that God gave us in order to honor Him and provide the healthiest fruits and vegetables we can. Our gardens are sustained through the rotation of crops, the application of barnyard manures, and cover crops. You can really taste the difference!

Our passion is to produce fresh, wholesome, local, sustainable, healthy food for our family & yours and in the process bring glory to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

Countryside OrganicsWe are excited to announce that as of January 1, 2013, the cows at My Dad & Me are now 100% grass-fed! We are using New Country Organics feed exclusively for all of our grain-fed animals now (layer chickens & broiler chickens). As a dealer for New Country Organics, we also have organic animal feed available for purchase. Contact us and ask for a price list & availability.