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2023 Farm Price List

Annual Farm Membership (12 months from date you join)$35.00
100% Grass-fed Raw Milk (1/2 gallon)$12.00
Half Gallon Glass Jar (buy 2 sets and trade out jars for more milk)$5.00
Wide-mouth Plastic Lid with Pouring Spout$6.50
100% Grass Fed Raw Milk Yogurt 8 oz$7.00
Organic, Grass-fed Raw Milk Cheese (approx. 8 to 12 oz. packages)$10.50 - $21.00
Organic, Pasture Butter (cultured, lightly salted, pasteurized) (8 oz.)$9.50
Granola Cereal – 1 quart (made with Organic Ingredients)$12.00
Granola Bar (Super Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, or Mixed Fruit) (made with Organic Ingredients)$3.75
Cashew Date Bar (made with Organic Ingredients)$3.25
Fudge Bar, Peppermint Fudge Bar, or Pumpkin Spice Bar (made with Organic Ingredients) seasonal bars$3.00
Einkorn Pancake Mix (per bag) (made with Organic Ingredients)$6.50
Double Chocolate Brownie Mix (per bag) (made with Organic Ingredients)$9.50
Browned Butter Spice Blondie Mix (per bag) (made with Organic Ingredients)$9.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (slice & bake) Gluten-free made Almond Flour (made with Organic Ingredients)$12.00
Iron Skillet Bread Sourdough Dough (1 lb. frozen dough)$8.00
Whole Pastured Broiler Chicken (per lb.) (fed Organic, Soy-free, GMO-free feed)$12.00lb
Broiler Chicken Parts (liver or hearts $9.00 per half lb.) (feet or necks $12.00 per lb.) (gizzards or heads $6.00 per lb.)<-- per package
Pastured Eggs – 1 dozen (fed Organic, Soy-free, GMO-free feed) sizes: Small, Medium, Large, $9.50, $10.50, $11.50
Currently, large eggs are the main size that is available. Will substitute with what is available.
Raw Honey – Wildflower quart$21.00
Raw Honey – Wildflower pint$13.00
Raw Comb Honey – Wildflower pint$14.00
Organic Honey Sticks2 for $1.00
Beeswax Candles ~ 6" Pillar or Set of 4 VotivesPillar $18.00 ~ Votive $8.50
Plain Coconut Kefir ~ 12 oz. jar (made with organic coconut milk)$12.00
Traditional Sauerkraut ~ 12 oz. jar (made with organic cabbage)$12.00
Water Kefir (grape or orange/peach/mango)$6.50
Cultured Veggie Juice (pint)$6.50
Pastured, GMO-free Pork Link Sausages Apple Maple, Bratwurst, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Chorizo$17.00 per one pound package, 4 links
Pastured, GMO-free Pork Maple Brown Sugar Breakfast Links$9.50 per half pound package 6 links. Temporarily out of stock
Pastured, GMO-free Pork (Sausage, Chops, Ground, Roasts, Ribs) per lb.$7.50 - $9.50
Pastured Pork Roam Sticks 1 oz. ~ Bacon or Pineapple$2.75
Pastured GMO-free Pork & 100% Grass fed Beef Combined Kielbasa, Hot Dogs$17.00 per one pound package (6 Hot Dogs , one large Kielbasa link)
100% Grass-fed, GMO-free Jersey Steakburger per lb.$11.75
100% Grass fed Beef Sage Breakfast Links$9.50 per half pound package 6 links
100% Grass-fed, GMO-free Beef (Ground, Stew, Steaks, Short Ribs, Bones, Roasts) per lb.$5.00 - $26.00
100% Grass-fed Beef Jerky (3.5 oz bag)$13.50
Fresh Herbs (email for available herbs) per 2 oz. bag$4.00
Organic Corn Products ~~~ Grits ~ Polenta ~ Corn Meal (2 lb. bags)$9.50
Organic Popcorn (1 lb.)$6.50
Anna's Popcorn Seasoning (spice jar) (made with organic ingredients)$6.95
Virgin Cod Liver Oil (8 oz. ~ lemon)$39.00
Sea Salt ~ Coarse, Fine, or Flor de Sal (hand-harvested, high in minerals) $7.95, $9.95, $12.95
Muddy Moose (chocolate sauce ~ 8 oz. jar) (made with Organic Ingredients)$8.50
Peppy Pepitas (soaked & dehydrated pumpkin seeds ~ 1/2 pint jar) (made with Organic Ingredients) Mild or Hot$6.50
Organic Georgia Grown Creamy Peanut Butter 12 0z $13.00 New Product!
Sprouted Raw Almond Butter Organic Almonds w/Organic Practice Pecans 8 oz Pouch$13.00
Sprouted Raw Pecan Butter Organic Practice 8 oz Pouch$13.00
Raw & Sprouted Pecans (12 oz.) lightly salted$20.00
Raw & Sprouted Maple Pecans (12 oz.)$28.00
Raw & Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, Walnuts, Maple Walnuts$14.00, $24.00, $28.00
Organic fair-trade Coffee Beans ~ 12 oz. (Fair Harvest Blend or The Dark Side)$15.00
Organic fair-trade Coffee Beans DECAF ~ 12 oz. (Full City or Espresso Blend)$18.50
Pure, Organic Maple Syrup (1/2 pint, pint, & quart)$10.75, $15.75, $28.75
Organic Maple Sugar (1 lb. bag)$22.00
Home-made Soap (3 bars/pkg.) (made with Organic Ingredients) Lavender, Peppermint and Orange Scents$14.00
Body Butter (2 oz. jar) Lavender and Frankincense
(made with Organic Ingredients)
$12.00 Back in Stock!
Lip Balm (1 oz. tin) ask for current scent (made with Organic Ingredients)$6.95
Detox Bath Salts (pint jar)$4.50
Hand-crafted Wooden Items: Milking Stool, Spreaders, Rolling Pins, Spinning Tops, etc.$3.50 - $45.00
Certified Organic Animal Feeds (from New Country Organics) Soy-free & GMO-freeemail for pricing and availability

Assorted, Farm-fresh Veggies available in season

Farm Animals: Jersey Calves, Jersey Cows, Stewing Hens, Farm Kittens

Prices subject to change without notice.


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