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100% Grass-Fed, Raw Milk (1/2 gallon)


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Fresh raw milk is full of live enzymes that are needed for proper digestion, but the creamy taste is why it is so good!

100% Grass-fed – We never feed any grain, any time, for any reason! Cows were created by God to be herbivores and to thrive on the herbs, forbs, grasses and legumes of the field. In a world of GMO’s and lab-created meat, we are so thankful to just be out on the land, grazing our Jerseys and milking them for our family and yours!

A2A2 – We have been breeding our Jerseys for A2A2 milk, and we are glad to say that we are now 100% A2A2 in our entire herd. A2A2 is a Beta-Casein in the milk that is easier to digest. Some folks that have not been able to drink milk for years find that they can enjoy our A2A2 milk.